Last night I heard a buzz

In my head

A hum, deep and resonant

Like music

Like waves

Like the wings on a hummingbird

A whirring

Like the motion of not moving

Or the restless linger of sitting still

Of trying to listen

Of trying to hear

The sound of not thinking

I heard a buzz

And rather than analyze

Rather than question

Rather than concoct or consider or fear

The likelihood of brain cancer

I let it ride


if I were a gentle blue whale

Moving through the ocean of myself

As if I were a bird

Flying too close to my own ear

As if I were human

Feeling, just feeling,

The sound.

Last night I heard a buzz

In my head

A tickly invitation

To swim free of past and future

To fly high within the here and now

To get lost in the wideness of this moment

Judging nothing

Wishing nothing

Missing nothing

Holding onto nothing

But the generosity

Of that hum