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Step on the path. Open your mind. Find the words.

Research indicates that the simple act of walking, especially when its done in nature, enhances creativity. More over, traveling outside our comfort zone — into foreign places — boosts creative thinking and problem solving.

So it stands to reason that taking a long walk along one of the world’s ancient roads, spiritual paths, or byways has the power to break open the writer and break down writer’s block.

It doesn’t just stand to reason. It works. In 2018, I walked the 500-mile Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. John) across Spain, a journey that set the writer in me afire, charged up numerous other outlets of creativity, and led me to claim the titles of both Writer and Artist.

My Camino was the first step in developing Writing the Way, a walking writer’s workshop. This evidence-based program was developed over two years is the focus of my Masters of Integrative Art & Education thesis.

What We Will Do

  • WALK. We will traverse one of the world’s ancient, historic, or nature-focused Ways or paths (walking between 100 and 500 miles, covering 7 to 15 miles each day.

  • WRITE. Each day will include three writing sessions with prompts flowing from numerous sources, including those inspired by the Way.

  • DOODLE/SIMPLE DRAWING. Research shows that doodling or simple line drawing as well as nature journaling all open the mind, increase attention to detail, and enhance creativity as well as connect a writer to place and the present moment.

  • ENGAGE. Enjoy the company of other writers, gain encouragement, and help each other meet the challenges of a long walk.

  • PARTICIPATE in creativity-boosting activities, including journaling by hand, simple line drawing and nature journaling, meditation, and more (Don’t let this scare you! Openness is all that is required!)

The paths We Walk